Ian Ziering in a scene from the Sharknado series (2013–2018)

A large amount of online film discussion in recent years has been devoted to the question “What is the best bad movie ever?” What might have originated in cult circuits has long passed over into the popular consciousness: the moviegoing world at large understands the considerable cinematic pleasure of movies like The Room. There is worldwide adoration for the films of Tommy Wiseau, Niel Breen, Ed Wood and company. The mass-appeal is undeniable.

Whenever these discussions begin though, a caveat will always appear that separates these films materially from other ‘bad movies’: did the films mean to be funny or…

artwork by Lorenzo Fassina

(a short horror story, Los Angeles 2019)

I’d love to describe to you in detail what it feels like to be the victim of an acid attack, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t really remember it. It was one of those things where the body and consciousness just totally shut down — your memory goes hard-reboot and just starts deleting itself; a last ditch attempt to preserve sanity and any semblance of there being good in the world. Room-temperature wetness hits your face, your eyes go black and start melting, you just feel for a few seconds — an agony so intense that…

Brendan Steere

Filmmaker, musician, and author based in Pasadena, CA. I directed The VelociPastor.

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